We are women CEOs. 

Welcome to the CEO WATTAGE Network, a platform where women in business share our unique stories to help empower current and future women leaders. 

We are change makers. We lead by example. We believe strongly in the power and efficiency of women in leadership. We support and advocate for each other through shared experiential learning. 

Our network formed in 2014 as a monthly dinner to discuss shared paths and challenges as women CEOs. What has transpired each month since have been events that are at times hilarious, at times maddening, always interesting, wide-ranging discussions about our work, our lives, and everything in between.

It's time to open up our conversations and share our stories. Our CEO WATTAGE Network of women will share as a group, and as individuals. For women in leadership, women who want to be in leadership, and especially those who never believed they could be a woman in leadership.

We invite you to be inspired by our stories, empowered by our journeys, and join us at the top.

Together, we will change the ratio of women in leadership.


CEO WATTAGE Network Co-Founders

CEO WATTAGE Network contributors

Nicole Donnelly, Amanda Foley, Diane Lansinger, Maryam Mirnateghi, Britt Stromberg, Jane Yuan