It’s 2017. Women are slowly ascending into positions of power in many professional circles. One in five partners in private law firms are women. One quarter of U.S. federal and state court judge seats are held by women. In addition, women account for 30% of the physician workforce.

But despite these gains only 5% of Fortune 500 companies are led by women.

Our mission is to change this imbalance.

It starts with creating a community of women leaders – CEO leaders – at the very top of the corporate hierarchy. Why?  Fundamentally, the role of CEO is unique. It requires a unique skill set and comes with unique challenges, opportunities and expectations. Yet even more importantly, we’re building a network of CEOs because networks, relationships and personal sponsorships drive business advancement, promotion and success.

By creating our own network of successful, motivated and talented female CEOs we will promote, support and advocate for more women at the top.