How to Play a Man Card and Win

Throughout my career, I’ve observed that the best work partnerships are built over time. However, in startup fundraising, time is of the essence. Nurturing and building working relationships with investors may have to happen quickly, without the benefit of multiple interactions and mutual experiences. 

So how did we, as a small startup team, quickly understand whether a potential investor would turn into a Partner? 

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Foo to You!

I am so inspired by organizations and individuals working to solve critical social problems, social entrepreneurs. I read about them, model our CEO WATTAGE efforts on how they quantify data and set smart targets, starting the journey to real change.

Imagine my surprise when I recently found myself in a surreal summer camp setting. Not reading about, but actually surrounded by, real life superheroes. And these amazing people are using their superpowers to help think about and solve critical social problems. IRL, each one striving to make the world a better place.

This was Foo Camp 2016.

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Interview Q's for Any Org

At our recent CEO WATTAGE Network dinner in April, one of the many topics we covered was ‘hiring top talent’. We have a shared challenge as CEOs to set and keep an extremely high hiring bar. Regardless of industry or organization size, we are always on the lookout to hire more "A Players" into our teams.

The right or wrong hire can make or break an organization, and we had a great time sharing interview questions we like to ask to the top candidates we interview. In this post, please enjoy a few of our favorites, along with why they are important to our hiring processes.

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What You Do Matters

This past week in Denver, Colorado, I was honored to attend The Governor's 35th Annual Holocaust Remembrance Program, featuring a presentation of Righteous Among the Nations Award to Dr. Maria Kiss Madi, Hungarian Rescuer, and my great grandmother. The theme of the event was, "What You Do Matters". During World War II, my great grandmother, at undeniable personal peril, saved two lives of her fellow Hungarians. The 7-year old boy that she saved, Alfred Lakos, attended the event with three generations of his lovely family members.

Although I never met Maria as she passed away in 1970, she was my original inspiration as an independent, successful woman.

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The Bad Boy Startup

Upon returning to work in my 90% male engineering organization post-baby, it became clear that my pre-baby employer and I were breaking up. I wasn't ready for it, never expected it.

As most of us do after a long-term relationship ends: next, I overcompensated. You see, my pre-baby employer was a gigantic blue chip, a steady ship providing infrastructure and solid benefits, the classic Nice Guy. SteadyCorp. So naturally, I went for corporate America's version of the Bad Boy: a startup.

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